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Which Roofing Material Has The Longest Life Span?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

metal roof

When building a new home, or working on your existing home, having a durable and reliable roof is one of the most vital on the checklist. Installing or working on the roof of your home, the choice of roof material you use directly impacts the life span of that roof.

So choosing the right one is determined by cost and many other factors like location, maintenance, and durability. Investing in the right roofing company and materials could be costly but also essential to the investment of your home’s value.

Factors of Choice

When looking to re-roof your home, there are several things you must first consider, but the least obvious may be your location. Depending on your location, the biggest factor when choosing roofing products is your regional weather. Living in a place that experiences high dry heat temperatures, high humid temperatures, snow, or even extremely high winds, your roofing company already has a set of roofing materials that they prefer to use due to the nature of your local weather.

Following their recommendations is best for these cases, as their experience will help the longevity of your roof. The design of your home is another large factor in helping you choose a material for your roof. As it is one of the first things you see coming home, you want your roof to complete the picture that is your home’s design and the amount of routine maintenance your roof receives.

Maintaining your roof by cleaning your gutters, inspecting your attic for leaks, and keeping any overhanging branches from damaging your roof is only part of the recommended checklist for your roof. There are more things on that checklist that professional roof inspections in Abilene, TX, will also look for.

It may seem like inspecting your roof for damage is doable. However, hiring a professional that is trained in roof safety is the safest option, keeping you from fall risks, electric shocks, or any other manner of incidents that you are not trained for.

Choice of Materials

It’s time to put a roof on your home, and you can contact us for a free estimate with all of these different material choices in mind. When looking for a roofing material that will last the longest, it’s easiest to look at clay, metal, and slate roofs first.

Clay or concrete roofing is known to last for potentially 50 years on a home due to the technological advances of their manufacturing. They are being produced to be tougher and lighter than ever, making them nearly indestructible. Clay roofing does have some downsides to it, of course.

When looking into this option, it is important to remember that this roofing is a little more costly because the materials weigh more than standard materials and are also difficult to install. However, when looking into clay roofing, it is important to know that they are most popular in places near the coast as they have a high tolerance for salinity making them last longer in those conditions.

Metal roofing is becoming more popular yearly, saying a lot since their expectancy is about 100 years. New metal roofing designs are not only elegant but also quiet. Gone are the long known reminiscing for rain on a tin roof because these contemporary metal roofs are designed for durability and style. Although metal roofs are one of the most energy-efficient roofing choices for homes and can lower the energy it takes to cool your home, it does come with its downfalls to consider.

Metal roofs need to be installed and repaired properly. Roofing repairs in Abilene, TX, will be able to inspect every tile for dents due to hail or any dust or water buildup that can lead to corrosion in metal roofing. There are two different types of metal roofing, based on how they are installed, and the choice between these roofing styles are mostly due to location. So working with a local company is your best option when considering a metal roof installation.

Slate roofing is by far the most superior choice when it comes to roofing materials. Slate has been used for hundreds of years throughout the world. It is known for outliving the building it covers. Slate is a type of stone that comes in many finishes and even color options for your home’s roof. This long-lasting and highly customizable roofing material has quickly become extremely popular in the custom housing market. But with that beauty and its durability, it also comes with a very high cost.

Although this stone roof will last longer than most homes, the initial investment could cost you more than twice as much as a traditional or less expensive roofing material. It’s an option to look at, for the stone tiles will need minimal maintenance and fewer inspections in the long run, and the overall design choice is beyond comparison. This option is determined by your initial investment and working with an accredited roofing company to install these heavy stone tiles.

Common Roofing Materials

More roofing materials are more common than those clay, metal, or even fancy slate. Roofs are made to last a few decades; the important part is choosing something that will last, fit your home, and has routine inspections and maintenance. Asphalt tile roofs being the most common, they can last anywhere from 20-50 years depending on the warranty or the quality of the shingles.

As one of the most common roofing options, it comes in various color options for your home and has only a few disadvantages. Being prone to mildew and susceptible to high wind damage, asphalt roofs have their downfalls but are easily maintained and repaired by roofing companies.

Choosing a Roof

Placing a roof over your head can seem like a weighty choice, but working with the right company to make that choice wisely will bring you peace of mind in your home’s safety. Look through the many options in materials and choose the right one for your family. Then work with a company to help you get the job done and maintain your roof safely for years to come.


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