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Understanding Your Roof's Weak Spots

Many homes feature standard sloped roofs. These roofing systems are only as reliable as the weakest component. Sloped roofs can get damaged in several areas. For that reason, you must understand the best ways to protect these vulnerable spots from damage.

Ideally, homeowners should have a roofing contractor inspect their roofs at least once every year. After severe storms or other types of inclement weather, additional inspections help identify small problems such as loose shingles or hail damage. By troubleshooting and repairing these issues early on, you can avoid more significant problems later.

There are several roofing components vulnerable to damages. We'll discuss each one in-depth.

Gutter Systems

Defective gutters are a common cause of leaking roofs. Gutter systems that aren't correctly maintained are vulnerable to blockages. These blockages stop the flow of water and proper drainage. Without a way to flow freely through the gutter system, it spills over the side and soaks your siding, or it forces upwards and seeps the shingles.

The added weight of water and clogged debris put additional pressure on the system and could result in saggings or falling off the home.

Fascia Boards

The horizontal band that covers the edge of your roof is the fascia board. This roofing component connects to the rafter's end. This critical component protects the roofing interior from damage caused by the elements. Made of wooden boards, it often sees the damage when gutter drainage issues occur.


Underneath the gutters' overhanging area is where you'll find the soffit. The soffit regulates attic ventilation. Soffits made of lumber are more susceptible to water damage and rot. Soffits made with moisture-resistant materials may develop holes or cracks, which create an ideal environment for bug infestations and water damage.


Flashings seal all of the voids in roofing systems, so it's critical to waterproof them properly. Due to exposure and the role they play, they are highly susceptible to damages and wear. When flashings fail, it usually results in severe leaks.

One Problem Can Trigger Bigger Issues

There are no such things as 'one small leak' when you're talking about roofing. One weakness in the roofing system puts the entire roof in jeopardy. What starts as small leaks can turn into massive amounts of water damage to your home's interior.

Call The Texas Roofing Experts

If you think you might have roofing problems, Chad Dodson Roofing can help you inspect, repair, or replace your existing roofing system. Our roofing, window, and skylight specialists are available to conduct regular inspections, emergency repairs, and help with insurance claim assistance.

With years of experience serving clients throughout Abilene, Texas, you can rely on us for all your roofing contractor needs.


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