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Typical Configurations For Residential Roofs

Chad Dodson Roofing is a business that provides roofing services to people throughout Abilene, Texas. If you need help tackling a job that involves a specific type of roof, we can help. As seasoned roofers, we fully understand the key characteristics that make the most common roof configurations unique.


A gabled roof has a triangular shape that's very appealing. The triangular elements can be seen along the corner of this type of roof. Thanks to its two-planed design, a gabled roof doesn't require complicated installation procedures. When the gables are positioned near a window by an attic, the installation process is much easier.


This type of roof has a slope that arches along the edge of a house where the walls are installed. On most homes, a hipped roof usually has a slope that gradually lowers to the ground without a vertical foundation. In many neighborhoods, you'll find vintage homes that have a hipped roof, and the basic designs will feature shingles or classic tiles. You may also see some newer houses with a hipped roof that's constructed out of metal panels.


Among all of the roofing options, a multi-sloped setup provides the most flair. Because this roof features various individual components, it can be enhanced in very appealing ways. For example, when mansard materials are used with gambrel supplies, a multi-sloped roof has a unique look with bold characteristics that stand out.


In multiple business districts, there are hundreds of buildings with a flat roof because it's a standard option for commercial structures. However, because the roofing industry is changing, flat roofs are now used on residential homes in some communities. A flat roof is an ideal option for stores, hotels, and houses as its layered design provides long-term perks. The rubber layers underneath a flat roof can handle the heat, intense wind, heavy rain, and other extreme environmental hazards.

Our Service Benefits

By working with us, you'll simplify the process of completing an average roofing project. We're highly trained, trusted roofers, so you can depend on our roofing suggestions. To ensure total customer satisfaction, we provide repair services so that locals can protect their home's foundation after selecting a roof configuration. If a gabled, hipped, flat, or multi-sloped roof is damaged, we can repair it.

Contact us today, and schedule an appointment with a seasoned roofing contractor. We commute to many neighborhoods throughout Abilene, Texas, and surrounding areas.

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